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Nancy's weight loss journey
"I just decided that I was tired of wishing I was thin or thinner and why don’t I do something about it, so this time I am determined to lose weight and keep it off once I've lost it."

What are the toughest obstacles you face?

 It’s very difficult not to be able to eat the foods I love very often. That’s the hardest part for me.  You can’t really let yourself go, which I admit I have done.  But then I say, enough, stop, and get right back on the track the next hour, the next day or whatever.  You can’t indulge continuously because you’ll go right back from whence you came! 
Sometimes I find it hard when I’m out with friends and I’m tempted by a drink, a chocolate dessert, or an In-n-Out burger.  Those are the tough ones but I think I have to keep my eye on what I want to achieve and then it becomes easier!  My weight loss results could be fleeting or they could be permanent. So I’m going to make sure that they are permanent to the best of my ability.  Also, it’s hard to stay motivated when you’ve gained a pound and you think you’ve done everything right.  However, I do stay motivated most of the time because I know I look better and I feel better and that’s what keeps me going. Plus, Marco and Lee Ann really motivate me too.

What is your greatest accomplishment?

My greatest accomplishment so far is losing 30 pounds and coming to the gym on a regular basis and actually enjoying it.
One of the weights where I push forward with my arms, is very, very hard for me and I can hardly do it but I’ve increased quite a bit and I’m working on increasing some more.
Also, I like to do Marco & LeeAnn ‘s Pilates, which I could not stand in the beginning because it was really tough. But now it actually feels really good...Afterward.

Lastly, I really like to challenge myself on the elliptical and bike.

So, I enjoy the whole gym experience and I find myself wanting to come.
On the home front, I’m more active with my grandchildren.   I can climb on the equipment over at the park and I can run after them and I don’t get tired as easily as I did before.  And when we go on trips I’m not worried about walking long distances. I always used to be the last one in the group and now I’m right up there in the front and even wanting to go a little bit faster! 
But what’s really fun, is going shopping and wearing things that are 2 sizes smaller and also putting on some of my old pants that were a little bit tight and now they’re falling off me. 
That is really fun! 

How do you handle social situations like parties and restaurants?

            At restaurants I just order smaller portions and try to leave some on the plate.  And if I’m with friends, no one seems to pay attention to what I’m eating.  I’ve discovered that they don’t care. No one really notices if we’re too busy having a good time. Plus I’ve discovered that I don’t need to drink and eat to have a good time. At a party everything’s busy and you’re thinking about talking and meeting new friends, etc.  It’s almost harder to carry a plate around and a drink!  

What’s the most important thing you have learned?

I have to change my life.  I can’t lose a pound and then start eating, because it comes right back.  It’s a change of lifestyle. 
I think that you have to be at the point where you want to do it for yourself and not for anyone else.

What tips could you give others?

Write down what you’re eating, keep up the cardio and the weight training, change your lifestyle and if you go off one day and have too many treats, get right back on the next day.  Don’t say I blew it, so I’m going to eat what I want for the whole week.  Even if you eat something for lunch that you shouldn’t have, don’t say well I might as well eat whatever I want for dinner.  Just get right back on.

There’s no time like the present.  The time is now, and you’re not going to have this day back again, so just do it!
Dear Nancy,
Congratulations on your 30 pound loss and continuing to live a fitness Lifestyle!

From your LeanbyMarco Team
Marco & LeeAnn