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Part One
Emily's Story

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My weight has always been a difficult area for me.

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In high school I felt that I was heavier than my peers and it was something that I was concerned with, but didn't really do any thing about.
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In my early twenties I would go through periods where I was determined to get more fit, either by going to the gym (I did that for a while) and by being active in the outdoors, but my weight never really changed.

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I finally came to the conclusion that I was supposed to be heavy and I was okay with that.

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When I started graduate school I noticed that I was gaining weight. I had moved form a size 14 to a size 18 and that was frustrating. Then I began wondering how big could I really get, I didn't like the fact that I was getting heavier. I was okay with size 14 but and 18 was startling. Where would I end up?

I did some thinking and looked at where I was in life.

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I had graduated college with honors and I was very successful in my graduate classes

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I had developed a loving and nurturing relationship with my boyfriend, and I had a great relationship with my family, but I was disappointed with my weight and body image. So it was only logical that the task at hand was to conquer my weight

Since I was spending $25000 plus a year on my education, why couldn't I spend some money on going to the gym? I got a membership to a gym that I liked and began a cardio regime and did that religious, but after about a month I realized that my weight just wasn't changing. It was very frustrating and I did not know what to try next.


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I spoke with one of the trainers at my gym and he told me that I should talk to a fitness coach named Marco because he addressed both nutrition and fitness. So that is what I did.

Emily approached me in the gym and explained her situation. She seemed upset about not being able to lose weight, and was worried that she might be destine to always be heavy. I could appreciate her concern. She had tried popular methods for weight loss but none of them really worked.
I explained to her that I would need to gather more information on her to first see if I could help her, and if so, I could then start her on a program where she would learn what  was making her overweight, and how to change it.

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