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SandraBf.5inHR.jpg (10559 bytes) Sandraaft.5in.jpg (14423 bytes) Sandra is a loving and dedicated working mom, and now an outgoing fitness enthusiast. Having achieved a new level of fitness, she courageously entered her first bodybuilding show and was received with great admiration and appreciation.
Congratulations Sandra
RaulBf600res.5in.jpg (11066 bytes) RaulAft600resH.5in.jpg (8786 bytes)

Raul is a husband, father and on the go business owner who wanted to get into shape. Together we created a fitness and nutrition plan along with a lifestyle philosophy that would make his goals possible.
Congratulations Raul!

  "I had always thought that I would have to completely change my eating habits to change my body, so I felt very resistant to try. As it turns out, that was not the case. Marco gave me a new perspective and  helped  me add some new habits to my old habits"

LesleyBf600resH.5in.jpg (11789 bytes) LesleyAft600resH.5in.jpg (8161 bytes)

Lesley had been working out for some time and although she felt good, her body had reached a plateau and was not changing. I worked with her in the area of nutrition and her body began changing like clock work. She exemplifies that 80% of how you look is how you eat, and 80% of how you eat is how you think. She successfully learned a new perspective and her results were impressive.
Congratulations Lesley!

"Marco showed me how I could eat the foods I enjoy and still lose weight. I actually lost weight over the holidays. I FEEL GREAT!"

LoranBf600resH.5.jpg (11502 bytes) LoranAft600resH.5.jpg (11297 bytes)
"Finally, the results I have always dreamed of!
I will never forget how Marco helped change my life."

AdellaBf600res.5in.jpg (11047 bytes) AdellaAft600res.5in.jpg (14303 bytes) Adella's dedication to changing her body was inspiring. Our work together spanned over several months and yielded awesome results.

Congratulations Adella!

JohnBf600resH.5.jpg (12278 bytes) JohnAft600resH.5in.jpg (10426 bytes)

Jon is an excellent athlete and a  pleasure to work with. He is a  study of a person's ability to arrive at their true potential.
Congratulations John!

"When I trained with Marco there was no guess work. He said "eat this and work that" and my body responded. Thanks Marco"

ReneeBf600resH.5in.jpg (10231 bytes) ReneeAft600resH.5in.jpg (10401 bytes)
Renee is a dedicated wife and mom and a terrific hair stylist. She presented me with her busy schedule and a fitness goal. We developed a fitness plan that would fit her -and she got fit.
Congratulations Renee!
RubinBf600resH.5in.jpg (14658 bytes) RubinAft600resH.5in.jpg (19232 bytes) Ruben is a knowledgeable weight lifter who's work keeps him constantly on the go all day making it difficult to maintain a regular diet. His new plan consists of  the foods that work best for him and that are attainable through out the day. I personally enjoyed the opportunity to coach this seasoned athlete.
Congratulations Ruben!
JohnM600resH.5in.jpg (10882 bytes) JohnM_aft600resH.5in.jpg (12762 bytes) John's goal was to be at his very best.
Congratulations John!